Media Kit Template (Free)

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If you want to earn money from sponsorships and other sources other than ad income, you need a Media Kit for your blog.

Free Media Kit Template

A professional and slick looking Media Kit will make your blog stand out from the crowd. But it might just seem like a daunting task to not only gather the information you need, but also to design a professional looking Media Kit.

I can’t help you with the former but I can with the latter. Here are TWO free media kit templates! A Photoshop Template and a Word Template courtesy of Meggan from Culinary Hill!! I hope you find them useful!



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What to do with your Media Kit

The Media Kit is a one pager that condenses the key information about your blog onto one page. It is useful because it’s an easy way for prospective clients to find out more about you in one, concise summary, rather than reading pages and pages on your blog and “figuring it out” for themselves. It’s how they can tell whether you will be a good fit to work with them.

I do not keep my Media Kit on my blog but you could do so if you wanted to. When I am making a cold call or contacting a company for the first time, I attach it to the email. And likewise, when brands or PR companies contact me, if I think we might be a good fit I send them my Media Kit.

How to “sell” yourself if you are growing

If you are an up-and-coming blog, don’t get down about your stats! Stats are not necessarily the most important thing that clients are interested in. More important to clients is reach and influence. Client will pay more to work with publishers who have the audience they are after, even if you don’t have huge traffic. For example, specialising in a particular type of cuisine or diet, readers in a particular country or a very engaged audience.

And you don’t need to think global! There are very successful local bloggers whose audience are focussed on a particular city. So even though those bloggers may not have hundreds of thousands of views a month, they are so niche it makes them the ideal channel to spread the word about local businesses. And I’m not just talking about mum & dad stores – I’m talking about clients with large publicity budgets such as food and wine events. Read more below about having a niche and working with brands.

bigenvelopeHere are some ideas for how to sell yourself if you don’t have high traffic:

  • If your blog is in a defined niche, emphasise that. Having the right traffic is more important than lots of traffic;
  • Focus on growth ->Monthly traffic: 10,000 (20%+ average growth per month). Use a period of time when you had significant growth to calculate the %, whether it’s the past 2 months or past 12 months!
  • High Mail List open rate -> Subscribers: 500 (80% Open Rate ) (food industry standard is about 20% according to Mail Chimp)
  • Geographic – if your audience is mostly in a particular country, emphasise that. For bloggers outside of America with a large US audience (me!), use this to your advantage! Approach businesses who export products to America – you will be surprised how many there are!
  • If you have a large social following on any of the social media platforms and/or significant growth rates, emphasise that!
  • If you specialise in photography, put that forward as your key strength. (And make sure your blog reflects your skills!)

Having a Niche is Key to Working with Brands

Have you read my post about choosing your niche? When you start working with brands, it becomes even more important to have a very specific defined niche. Here’s a fact: clients will pay top dollar to work with bloggers who are focussed on a particular market. I’m talking $1+ per page view. By this, I mean (as an example) the client paid $2,000 for a blogger to do a post which was viewed around 2,000 times in 6 weeks, which is an average of 50 page views per day for that particular post.

Which gives you an idea of the traffic size of that blog. It’s not massive. But it doesn’t matter. What matters to the client is that their exact target audience is being reached through that blog.

Just to be clear – this example I am referring to is a blog in a very specific market with a highly engaged following. So don’t think that if you are a general food blog that you can approach clients and quote rates equating to $1 per average post view!


I didn’t mean to start rattling on about working with brands in this post as I’m saving it for a separate one. But it’s a tasting to wet your appetite and get you motivated to do your media kit!!

Don’t forget to keep your media kit updated!

Free Media Kit Template

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  1. says

    I don’t have media kit for my blog yet, so surely I’ll be checking out your lovely template. Thanks for sharing this helpful and inspiring article, Nagi! :)

  2. says

    Nagi, you’re such a giver with this media kit and FBC that it’s a no brainer to click the “buy” button on your food photog book. Seriously, I can’t wait to dive in to that book tonight…and the media kit tomorrow. Your resources are exactly what I need right now to tackle a few orders of business in my business :-) Prolly gonna stay up way past my bedtime tonight LOL. Thank you SO much!

  3. says

    Hi Nagi,
    I just used your template and wanted to say THANK YOU! I’ve been meaning to put together a media kit for years and was just asked by a company for one. Thanks for making it so easy :)

  4. says

    Dear Nagi,

    I found your tips very useful. I’m trying to monetise my blog and I’m not a natural seller. I have many insecurities regarding rejections, although I know that’s just part of the process. Your optimism and enthusiasm leave me more hopeful. Thank you so much for that!

  5. says

    Stumbled on your website while researching media kits, this is perfect. Our traffic has grown pretty significantly in the last 3 years and so I’ve been thinking of creating a media kit and offering services to brands. Thanks so much for this. Cheers!

  6. April @ Girl Gone Gourmet says

    This saved me today! Thank you for sharing it — took some time to change and update it, but so much easier than starting from scratch!

  7. says

    Hi Nagi. In this post you say: “Geographic – if your audience is mostly in a particular country, emphasise that. For bloggers outside of America with a large US audience (me!), use this to your advantage! Approach businesses who export products to America – you will be surprised how many there are!”

    Could you elaborate on that as my main target audience is in the US but I´m based in Spain. I would love to know more how I could use this to my advantage! :-)

    • Nagi says

      Oh gosh, you are in a fabulous position! So – fore example – I know that Spanish Olive Oil was doing a huge campaign overseas. What I would suggest you do is do research into what the main Spanish products are that are exported overseas. Off the top of my head, olive oil, olives and jamon are the main ones, as well as cheese. :) Then approach those brands!! N x

    • Nagi says

      No worries! I don’t think there is any bottom line at all. It depends how niche your blog is and how engaged your readers are. I know blogs with page views of even less than 100,000 a month that have significant sponsorship deals because their niche is so tight. :)

    • Nagi says

      I’m so glad you found it helpful Michelle! I know, it’s quite interesting isn’t it, when you are forced to collect and summarise your stats? 😉

  8. says

    Thank you so much Nagi san, I have only been blogging about three weeks and dont have monthly view stats. I guess I create using the template but wait till I have monthly stat?

    • Nagi says

      Hi Shihoko! To be honest, I would wait 3 months before doing a Media Kit. You are so new! :) Having 3 months of track record under your belt will help. N x

  9. says

    Nagi, thanks so much for sharing all those tips, as well as your media kit template. I have to update mine and your post is the prompt I needed to get this done. x


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