Lots of HARD WORK and a Little Bit of Luck….

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What does it take to grow a food blog? A lot of hard work.

It annoys be so much when I read that! It’s obvious!

But what you don’t read very often is this:

Blog Growth = LOTS of hard work + LITTLE bit of luck

LOTS of hard work = more opportunities for a LITTLE bit of luck

Blog Growth through hard work and a bit of luck

There is absolutely no denying that the growth I achieved is a combination of both hard work and luck.

Hard work in the form of long hours pounding the virtual pavement, learning, practicing, creating, cooking, experimenting, posting.

Hard work in the form of taking 22,000 photos in 2 months (that’s 350 photos a day) to learn food photography.

Luck in the form of being discovered by “power pinners” with millions and millions of followers who pinned some of my recipes.

Luck in the form of recipes going “viral” on Facebook and other social media platforms.

Luck in the form of having just finished my first free cookbook for readers when a recipe was going viral. So I had “bait” to convert more of the “drive through” traffic into mail list subscribers.

I am in a unique position because I’m able to dedicate myself almost 100% to my blog and that isn’t possible or realistic for most people. The hours I’ve worked on my blog over the last 8 months probably equates to 3 years (or more) for someone who has a demanding job and a family to look after.

That’s why I created Food Bloggers Central. So you don’t have to invest the hours I invested. Learn from my mistakes and take the best of what I’ve learnt!

FBC is not about revealing secrets that guarantees that if you do what I do, you too can achieve the same growth. Because there’s one thing I know for sure about blogging – there is no success formula. You need to find out what works for you.

Have you experience some luck with your blog? What happened and how did it happen?

– Nagi

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  1. says

    Hi Nagi,
    I love your story and am soooo envious. After blogging for almost three years with no visitors other than family and a few friends, I decided to start my blog over, keeping the name. Bluehost put in the WordPressw insert for me yesterday and now it’s time to pick my theme. Have I done it? No. I am frozen with fear at what I have done. I just found your story and I am feeling a little better. Here is something that might be a guide for me. I know my blog was not set up right or something, but I don’t really know why nothing happened with the growth of my food blog. (sob) Maybe if I just use your methods, I might be able to correctly set up the new blog with widegets, plug-ins etc. so that it is at least working right. I cannot give up.!!!

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