6 million views on a $70 blog

I’m generating almost 6 million monthly views on a $70 blog. Stop spending money on your website. My website is “basic”. I’m embarrassed about my logo. I hate it more than words can describe. It’s a hangover from a past project I dabbled in that never went anywhere. I’m not tied to it. I could change…

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PROOF: It Works – 3 times!!

Proof it Works – Test blog in 12 months: Earnings from $700 to $7,000 per month, 120k to 430k monthly views. Forecast growth: $15,000 monthly earnings, 1 million monthly views by January 2018. Yes, I’ve been silent over the past year. Part of that has been me being uncertain that my blog growth and monetisation strategies…

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Food Styling Tips

A handful of simple food photography styling tips to take your photos to the next level! Hey guys! It’s been a couple of months since my last post here!! Still alive and kicking on FBC Facebook, but to be honest, between the FBC Conference in LA in November then the Christmas rush, it’s been madness over at…

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How to Grow Your Blog with Holiday Traffic

Is your blog ready to take advantage of the massive surge in traffic over the holiday feasting period? As a food blogger, you “know” that there are traffic surges for certain types of recipes for seasonal feasting. Thanksgiving in November, Christmas and New Years’ Eve, to name a few. Have you ever wondered how much potential…

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Play To Your Strengths for a Natural Advantage

Playing to your strengths gives you a natural advantage for establishing your credibility with readers and is key to growth. It’s a growth strategy that anyone can apply easily. So whether it be your ethnic background, professional training, experience, where you live, where you have travelled – make sure you take advantage of it. I do!…

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How He Shoots: John Bek from He Needs Food

John Bek from He Needs Food is a shining example of how it IS possible to take stunning, high quality food photos with an entry level DSLR, a “making do” set up at home and props picked up from the side of the road. Learn how he shoots. I think you will be amazed. Photo credit:…

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How to Earn More with Current Blog Traffic - another great tip from Food Bloggers Central! #FBC

Proof: EARN MORE with your Current Traffic

If your focus is monetising your blog, then stop focussing on traffic and start focussing on influence and CREDIBILITY so you can increase revenue with your existing traffic. Here’s how to do it! If I said that you could make an independent living from your blog with less than 100,000 page views a month, what would you…

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How to create new posts for your food blog which are SEO and social sharing optimised (and more!)

Exactly What I Do: Creating Posts

This is exactly how I create new posts to ensure they are optimised for SEO, Social Media and displaying/layout on my blog (plus more). Lots of little things I specifically do which I believe add up and collectively help give my recipes the best chance possible to reach new audience and enjoyed by my existing readers! This post is…

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How to Take Razor Sharp Food Photos without using professional gear!

How to take Razor Sharp Photos (without pro gear)

Here are my secrets for how I take photos that LOOK like they are crystal clear and sharp even though I use budget consumer grade camera and lenses. Hi guys! Firstly, I want to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone, especially all the members in the FBC Facebook group, for the warm and supportive…

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The Food Photography Book - by Nagi, creator of RecipeTin Eats. 180 pages, highly practical, easy to follow and jam packed with game changing tips.

The Food Photography Book is now available!

The wait is over! The Food Photography Book is now available!! Click here if you want to go straight to it. And WAIT….there’s MORE!  To celebrate the launch of The Food Photography Book, I’m giving away TWO Personal Food Photography Coaching Packages worth $500 each!